Houjo retro AKARI

Izakaya(Tavern) in Umeda,Nazakichou

Our shop, we have renovated the Japanese house of 100 years ago.
Please enjoy while feeling the old Japan of the times.

Various payment methods such as VISA / JCB / master / paypay can be used!

Drink Menu

We have a lot of shochu, sake, cocktails, single malts and more.



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Wine Menu

A large selection of wines from Italy and France.


Red wine


White​ wine




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Stewed beef offal(牛モツ煮込み)

Grilled mackerel(炙りしめ鯖)

Chopped Octpus(たこぶつ)

Chicken Momotataki(鶏モモタタキ)

Plum kurage(梅くらげ)

Snack kimchi(おつまみキムチ)

AKARI salad(★燈サラダ)

Potato salad(ポテサラ)

Macaroni salad(マカロニサラダ)

Burdock salad(ごぼうサラダ)

Chinese style vermicelli salad(中華風春雨サラダ)

Chilled tomato lemon salt(冷やしトマトレモン塩)

Vegetable pickles(野菜ピクルス)

Avocado white truffle oil(アボカド白トリュフオイルがけ)

Grilled rice noodle(焼きビーフン)

Pork rose and chicken liver pate (with bread)(★豚バラと鶏肝のパテ(パン付))

Smoked duck chest(カモ胸燻製)

Parma-produced ham(パルマ産生ハム盛)

Spicy wiener (1piece)(ピリ辛ウインナー(1本))

meat and tofu(肉豆腐)

Olive marinade(オリーブマリネ)

Deep-fried chicken(★若鶏唐揚げ)

AKARI curry (with baguette)(★燈カリー(バゲット付き))

Whimsical pizza(気まぐれピザ)

Pork simmered pork(豚バラ煮豚)

French fries(フライドポテト)

Ham cutlet (1piece)(ハムカツ(1個))

Chicken cutlet (1piece)(チキンカツ(1個))

deep-fried horse mackerel (1piece)(アジフライ(1尾))

Deep fried oysters (4piece)(カキフライ(4個))

Cutlet sandwich(★カツサンド)

Steamed mussels and Asari(★ムール貝と浅利の酒蒸し)

Sardine oil sardine ajillo (with bread)(イワシのオイルサーディンアヒージョ(パン付))

Takana fried rice(高菜チャーハン)

Stir-fried broccoli garlic oil(ブロッコリーニンニクオイル炒め)


Place cracker cheese(クラッカーチーズのせ)

Mixed nuts(ミックスナッツ)


Homemade fig butter cheese (with crackers)(自家製イチヂクバターチーズ(クラッカー付))



Honjou retro AKARI

【Adress & Phone】

1-13-1, Honjonishi, Kita-ku Osaka-shi,
Osaka, 531-0073, Japan

【How to visit us】

  • Tanimachi Line​ >>  6-minute walk from Nakazakichō Station

  • Sakaisuji Line >> 8-minute walk from Tenjinbashi 6-chome Station

  • Midousuji Line >> 12-minute walk from Nakatsu Station

【Business hours】


(Last oder 19:00)

No scheduled holidays

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